OMG! Sony Xperia Nexus TRUE!

The report WSJ published a few months ago seems more and more true now.

Recent photos spotted on Picasa revealed the Sony Xperia Nexus, which was expected by many but died when someone (forgot who) said that Sony will not make stock Android phones. Right now, however, it seems that it is coming to life again!





Of course, the photos may be faked(I'm betting they're real with the title of this post), but I don't see any flaws in the pictures. Although the shape didn't really meet my dream design (this is probably because whoever drew the Xperia Nexus concept phone drew it too well),

Anyway, what do you think about this? Putting this together with the leaked LG Nexus 4, do you think there will really be FIVE OEMs releasing Nexuses in the following month?