In the Android world right now, all eyes are on LG. After years of sub-par products, the company has found relevance again with the Optimus G, garnering serious attention from US carriers and consumers alike. Available on both Sprint and AT&T in the US, the Optimus G is intriguing for another reason: it's widely rumored to be the basis for the next Nexus device from Google.

The Optimus G represents LG's best effort to leave its midrange identity behind once and for all, with flagship specs and build quality that's better than anything the company has ever produced. The competition is fierce, however, with Samsung's Galaxy S III the reigning champ and even HTC's One X+ breathing some new life into that company's flagging prospects.

Has the Optimus G finally helped LG break into the big leagues in the US, or should the company be kicked back down to the minors for another year? Read on for our full review.