If Google do release multiple Nexus devices, I'll probably jump over from iOS, could you guys answer a few queries I have?

Ok so I've been a iPhone user since the 3G, I upgraded to a 4 two years ago and i'm now looking to upgrade again. I love my 4, I loved the design when it came out and I love iOS, the 5 is a massive upgrade for me, and the design is great, love the new iOS features (minus maps obviously, although i has been improving)


I also recently bought a Nexus 7, and I love it. the 7" form factor is perfect for me, great for using at uni to take notes, great to watch movies on a communte, etc etc

So I'm very tempted by moving to a Nexus phone, although I'm only looking for a 4.3" maybe 4.5" phone max, anything bigger seems pointless to me.

The two main queries I have about android are mainly regarding using it with iTunes.

Are there good apps I can use to sync my iTunes library?
What about podcasts? I subscribe to a fair few and it would be more convenient to keep using iTunes if possible?

Any help would be great, thanks