What would you like from/in an iPad Mini?

With the iPad Mini rumors and leaks going around, I thought that it might be interesting to hear what you guys think about it.

These are just some questions that I've been thinking about:

  • Would I get it?
  • If so, what would my primary use for it be?
  • What new features would I like added to it?
  • Price point?
  • Screen resolution?
  • Battery life?

Personally, I wouldn't get it (if it's actually going to be announced), but it does seem very appealing to just have as a toy (assuming the price point, which if it isn't would be weird, is around that $200 tablet range). What do you guys think? Are there any other questions that come to mind when thinking about this iPad Mini deal?

Oh, and please, if you're going to comment on this post bashing something I've written, turn your computer off first and then never turn it on again. I just want to start a conversation.