Let's Figure This Out...For Me (This Might Be A Tad Selfish)

Well Hello

I need your help… It’s an exciting yet unclear time in my life. I need a new phone and I may switch platforms. I’ve come to these forums in hopes I can get at least a fraction of the questions I have answered. People reading this obviously don’t have to spend the time to help or comment, but even just a little help will go a long way. I could probably Google lots of this but eh…Let me give you my phone history in the next paragraph. If you don’t care about that, just skip it and move on to paragraph 3 to get to why I’m here.

I started off with a couple of Nokia phones. The first one I had was gray, and the second was a blue flip phone that had a shape similar to a 1935 Ford Sedan. Fast forward to my third year in college. I needed to get a new phone because I was no longer on a plan with my best friend’s family. I thought about the iPhone (I think 3GS at the time) and the G1. One of my friends, who was with me while shopping, said I should go with the Google phone. Mind you, I knew nothing about phones at the time. I decided to go with this G1 because I used Google services and the plans were cheaper at T-Mobile. This started my journey with Android. Unbeknownst to me, the Mytouch was about to be announced. I had literally signed a two-year contract with a phone that was over a year old I believe. Thanks T-Mob. Really looking out for me. Okay, so I loved the G1 for the most part. It was my first smartphone and I put a lot of miles on it. I rooted and flashed roms and various other things. I had a preference for “Super D.” But ultimately, the phone was slow and after a year with it, I was left wanting. I really wanted a Nexus One but couldn’t afford one at the time. Finally, my two years on contract were coming up. I remember watching a Google video with Eric Schmidt and you could see the new Nexus S for a couple of seconds and everyone freaked out. This was my next phone. I loved my Nexus S. My wife bought it off contact for me for Christmas two years ago. I was extremely surprised and am really blessed I have her. I now have stock Jellybean on the phone but it just runs slow…I don’t think I could ever go back to Gingerbread or ICS but Google Now is slow, scrolling through albums in music is slow, surfing the web is slow, etc. I currently use Nova launcher to help a bit. So now we’re all caught up.

Paragraph 3

If you skipped paragraph 2, well, you missed my story about how I had got bitten by a shark(small of course) while in the Atlantic, and why I decided to use webOS after that. That was never written and never happened. Okay, I know it’s early to start judging some of these phones when they have not come out, but I want to lay this groundwork out now. I want to know the good and bad of these phones and platforms. Here are the phones I am going to choose from in the next month in no particular order:

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is beautiful. My Nexus S screen is 4” and I love that size. I like how slick the interface is on the iPhone 5 and I feel it will take longer for the iPhone 5 to feel “slow,” then if I purchased a Nexus phone. The apps feel more unified in iOS. I like the keyboard better as far as responsiveness and feel. The web browser seems to perform better. The camera is beautiful. Even the front facing camera could see all the pores on my giant nose. The iPhone 5 is slim, which I do like. I like the SMS app better than on Google’s. Also, I’m kinda tired of customizing my phone. It gets almost to be a chore. Since, as humans, we’re always “changing,” I found myself constantly rearranging my home screens on Android. Not for utility mind you, but for the look. I think I’d be happier with a more minimalistic platform. I like that all the icons are the same size too J.

Nexus 4 (or whatever it’s going to be called if that’s even the phone)

I will mainly talk about the platform because we still don’t know a lot about this phone. Jellybean, on a fast phone, is great. It’s slick, Google services are tied-in near perfectly, and it’s customizable. I really like widgets and I think Google Now is a great tool. I like swiping away notifications or even expanding them. I like being able to manipulate my files easily. I like having emulators and roms on my phone without rooting or jailbreaking. I like the back button and how multitasking works on the Galaxy Nexus for instance.

Lumia 920 or HTC 8X

The cameras should be great. I really do want a great camera on a phone. I think the Windows Phone interface is the best of both worlds; minimalistic yet somewhat changeable. I like the “artistic” direction of the font and font placement. I like Windows services. I’m in this weird mindset right now that maybe I want to streamline all of my services. I use Word and Excel a lot and I may pay for the subscription service that Microsoft would be selling. Here’s my best case for that…I put my workouts on an Excel spread sheet. I would like to be able to go to the gym, enter my information into my excel spreadsheet from my phone and it automatically be synced to my files on my computer. Right now, I use a couple of weightlifting apps on Android but I can’t export any of that data onto an Excel spreadsheet or link it to the sheet I have on my computer.

Up Next

Here’s what I already know will annoy me with other platforms:

iOS / iPhone 5

Is the new phone durable? I don’t want to shatter the front of my phone. I’m not going to put a case on it either. I hate cases. Will the phone last me a day on battery life? Although I love the input on the keyboard, I don’t like how “possible” words won’t populate above the keyboard like in Android and Windows Phone. The OS just feels a bit old. I don’t like in Safari how there is a bar to click to go to a web address and another one to search. I’m afraid I will hate using iTunes to sync everything, but I do think the music app will perform better. I’m worried about Gmail use. I don’t like the dialer app. I like how Android shows the pictures of my contacts.

Windows Phone / Lumia 920 or HTC 8X

How is battery life? The phones are a bit thick as well. Will the cameras honestly live up to the iPhone 5’s camera in terms of picture quality and software. The keyboard is okay. The app store I hear, kind of sucks in terms of discovery. And I know we don’t know what Windows Phone 8 will bring entirely but I feel some of the OS will remain the same as far as annoyances.

In conclusion

What am I going to hate? I need honest answers. If you have switched from Android to iOS or Windows Phone, or even went the other direction, what can I expect to like or dislike. I really just want to see if there are some things I’m missing. For example, how are the app stores better or worse in your opinion? Do you think streamlining all my products can be a good thing? I know a lot of Apple fans that do that. You know, you think that you are the most interesting person in the world when you write, and nobody probably finds this interesting…but if you do, I appreciate that a lot. Thanks everyone!