What Are You Looking to Score for Black Friday/Holiday Deals?

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We are just a bit over a month away from Black Friday and this year seems to be as big of a consumer electronics year as any. We've got a new iPhone and new iPods. For the first time, there will be be two different iPad sizes to choose from. Multiple Nexus phones are on the horizon. LG, Samsung and HTC all have flagship phones for Android out now. Microsoft has Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface tablets all to tempt your dollar.


Wii U, Oui?

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We've got a new Nintendo console along with a redesigned PlayStation 3 this year and Xbox 360 holiday bundles have become winter staples. Bluetooth speakers could be really big this year along with bargain basement priced Android tablets. Sony, Samsung and Nikon have cameras with apps on the way. Google's got Play Store gift cards and Microsoft looks to be dropping the Microsoft Points system for 'real money.'


Do You Want Me?

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Leaks of 2012's Black Friday sales have already started. In the coming weeks we can expect more and more of these to trickle out and many groups and families will be planning strategies on which stores to hit and when to get the best deals for their dollars. Things are going to heat up a lot once the Best Buy, Wal Mart and Gamestop sales leak and we can probably expect Amazon to match their prices in addition to having crazy deals of their own.


I Got 'Em Lining 'Round Da' Block

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What are you looking to score? Me? I'm looking forward to a good deal on an SSD for my laptop, a 1080p 40 inch TV and Blu-Ray player. I'm not planing on being in the mob early Black Friday morning. I've never been one for the early morning frenzy. I usually stroll out later in the morning to stores after things have died down.

I'm expecting many retailers to follow the same line they did last year and actually open up at midnight Friday or even 11:00PM Thanksgiving night to help lessen crowds. I mainly see myself picking up some Cyber Monday deals which I think is a better use of time.

In my opinion, if we use the iPhone 5 as one measure of how people are looking forward to electronics and the holiday shopping season in general this year, this will be a big gift giving and getting season.