Updated Verge App! Thoughts?

As I opened the App Store app today, I saw the small update badge with a sly "1" mocking me at the top right corner. To my surprise, it was an update for the Verge iOS App! Included in the update were:

  • Support for the 4-inch Retina Display on the new iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Forums Inclusion
  • Slight change in U.I.
I can now enjoy using the Verge App on my iPhone even better, because of the update, and how it takes greater advantage of the real-estate than I believe an html-5 optimized, and/or mobile version of a website has before. Now I just want to know other Verge Users' thoughts on the update, and the App itself:

Likes? Dislikes? Waiting for an iPad version, or do you prefer the full website because of the 9.7-inch display like me?