Laying out the groundwork for WP8

Hello fellow tribers - I have a proposal.

But before I get down to the details, I'd just like to express my hopes that we can approach this topic with a level mind - leave your baggage at the door and let's see where that gets us.

I trust we all remember the huge hullabaloo that came up, just a couple of months ago, over the review for the Lumia 900 [and just about every other WP7 device.] Whatever happened, I'll just say that I'm glad to have had Verge editor(s) and writer(s) willing to express their unfettered opinions so publicly and unabashedly. For reasons that have already been discussed ad nauseum, some criticisms were valid, while perhaps some were more questionable - I personally think we shouldn't be too concerned about those anymore - what's done has been done. What we *might* be able to work with however, is the upcoming release of WP8 hardware.

My proposal is as follows:
We tribers should try to provide hints and tips to whosoever at the Verge is supposed to be reviewing WP8 devices! Be it daily usage scenarios to app choices, I do believe we can have a tangible effect on our to-be reviewer's experience with whatsoever wp8 device.

To lessen the probability/severity of WP being deemed inferior because of app unavailability:
Surely we remember the furore we kicked up when our reviewer(s) couldn't seem to find the proper apps for use in WP7 and ended up having a poor experience on the OS when compared to the alternatives? Our dear tribers with experience on the other OSes, if you've found good replacement for apps (WP7 versions for the obvious reason that none of us have WP8 hands-on..), leave a comment of the app and provide a usage scenario! If you have a certain usage pattern of app use on WP7 (and we assume that works just as well on WP8), leave a comment describing that! We shouldn't allow the lack of quantity of apps on the WP marketplace detract from the availability of *quality* apps, and if we can manage this, we'll (hopefully) reduce the magnitude of teething pains that whosoever gets when reviewing our dear ecosystem.
TL;DR: If you're an WP convert and are using certain apps to replicate the features you miss from your previous OS, comment with your ex-OS, the app, and describe how you use the app in WP.

To aid users in discovering "new" features:
I'm not so sure about the availability of this - I haven't spent enough time on WP7 just yet, but to the power users who hang out around the campfire - are there any features in WP7 you've come to appreciate and seemingly can't replicate on other OSes? Point them out here and I'll list them too - we're well aware of WP7 shortcomings, but sometimes we're so stuck on (defending?) these shortcomings that we forget to bring up our advantages!
TL;DR: What does WP have that others don't? Bring them up so we can inform our future users: perhaps we can differentiate ourselves by giving a uniquely WP experience instead of focusing on "replicating" another OS's feature set.

[Not sure what else we might be able to do: I'll be visiting the comments quite often - to keep an eye open for new suggestions (which i'll update/compile in the original post) and also to look out for any other ways which we might be able to help all to-be WP users)

Hopefully, with the default software features/functions out of the way, our Verge reviewers can be more focused on assessing WP8 devices based on the actual hardware they'll be assessing! [I'm pretty sure there are many wondering if to get the 8X or the 920 who'd appreciate 2 hardware reviews, aha.]

If you got all the way to this part of my post, well done! My thanks for making it through this wall of text - I do hope it was worth your time. Now that you're here, why don't just leave a comment too? Get to work :D

Thanks for reading!

(I think it would be interesting to get a review by JTop - If just to get his opinion on the newest iteration of WP8.)