My Thoughts on Surface Pricing

I had a thought a few days ago, and it just crystallized and made a lot more sense to me, so I figured I'd share.

If Microsoft is planning to announce the pricing for the Surface RT at the midnight launch event on the 25th, I would expect it to be surprisingly low. SImply for the fact that you can’t give a customer news they don’t want to hear without giving them time to let it sink in.

A negative reaction to the price could easily cause impulse NOT-buys if the announcement is in such close proximity to the launch. No, if it were going to be a $600 tablet, they would have a lower-key event a little further before launch, where they would announce pricing at the end.

So if Microsoft is playing it smart, I expect it to be announced sooner than we anticipate, or I expect it to be cheaper than we anticipate.