Reinventing the PC


(Sorry, I am an Apple fanboy, fanboys please forgive me just this once)

I really like Windows 8. That's not because its 101% perfect. Like OS X it's not without it's faults.

It's what Windows 8 allows you to do. It doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care if your using a tablet or a laptop. Quite the opposite of iOS and OS X.

That's why it create's an almost new category. A tabtop, if that's the name (you know tab from tablet and top from laptop. Microsoft believes this is the way forward, and that's quite a radical thought. Apple on the other hand believe's the two categories shouldn't mix. They believe that a tablet should stay a tablet (not have a full OS) and that your fingers connection to the screen of a Mac is through the trackpad. I sort of agree with both philosophies.

However the part where I side with Windows 8 is with the possibilities.

For a minute take the time to watch this ad:



That's not a bad example of what Windows 8 can do with hardware.

I however have other ideas. Imagine this:

The tab part of the tabtop can have up to 128 GB of storage. That's one micro SD slot and a 64GB SSD. It also includes one USB 3.0 port and 2GB of RAM

The internals of the tab includes an AMD CPU and GPU chipset that lets you play COD 2 at 30 fps (AMD has produced a chip like this).

But none of this is truly special. The magic is all in the connection between the tab and the top. That connection is amazing. It lets you harness the power of a SATA connection. Thus, the magic is in the lap (excuse the pun).

Alright so here's the biggie, and please include all the specs from the tab part of the machine when reading the following. When you connect the tab to the lap you add-on or include the following components: dedicated graphics card (now this is on top of the AMD chipset mentioned above, imagine he gameplay you could get out of a dual graphics combo), a 256 SSD and 500 GB HDD, another AMD CPU (the miracle of dual CPU's), 4GB RAM (yeah, thats 6GB altogether...) and two more USB 3.0 ports for good measure. Just think of the possibilities. A power machine. And in such a small package.

This isn't possible now is it? No. Just look at the Surface. And the MacBook Air.

So where's reinventing the PC for a post PC era now?

And all because of Windows 8.