Polynauts Trophies: Winner of Comment of the Week (8-14/10)


It's that time again, Polynauts; When all of the previous week's 'Comments of the Day' engage in glorious battle to achieve the prestigious rank of 'Comment of the Week.'

With six new comments of the day this past week, we've got to narrow it down in order to honour the very best that the Polygon community has to offer in the way of insightful comments. So we're going to let you decide which of the most recommended daily comments of the last week takes the silver.

Okay, okay.. There's going to be a lot less glorious battle and a lot more voting... and to make this more fun, we're not going to give any context to the threads so take them at face value (or cheat and check the relevant threat).

Most importantly, however:



Thursday 11/10:


Me on the phone: Yeah I’m going to be late to work today.

Supervisor: Why?

Me: There’s a cat gang bang happening on top of my car.

Supervisor: (silence)

Supervisor: Well can’t you break it up?

Me: Who am I to break up a cat gang bang? They’ve probably been organizing it for days on Craigslist.

Supervisor: Good point. See you when you get here.

Slygathor (12 Recommends)

...And thus it is so. Monday and Friday each put up a fight, but were ultimately crushed by the sheer force of Thursday's blows.