XBox, Surface, Windows Phone 8 Bundle (Ecosystem Juggernaut)?

Ecosystem is one of the Verge's favorite words so lets Talk about how MS could pull an Apple and suck people in

Basically Microsoft has targeted the iPad crowd with their Surface pricing, but I am surprised they didn't go $399, $499 and $599 for the RT and $699, $799 and $999 (With XBOX Music for a year) for the Pro. At those price points, they would probably have dominated the holiday season. Clearly they're throwing their OEM partners a bone here. Its a tad expensive for a consumption device (RT) but not out of line with the market. In truth, I really want a surface with an LTE modem (a constant connection is important to me) so I'm basically 4 or 5 months from getting one.

If they're smart, we should see a holiday bundle with the 360, and a Surface for $599. If the really want to help their partners and corner the market, we should see a bundle with an XBOX 360, Surface RT (32) with Touch Cover, a 920/8X/Ativ (take your pick) with 16 GB of SkyDrive service, an XBOX Gold Subscription and 3 Months of XBox Music's Premium service for $1000. What better way to sell the entire ecosystem and snatch market Share. College kids (Parents) and Techies would buy those in bulk. Its basically what you'd pay for a laptop (Mac) today, only MS would have you locked in for a year of Xbox Live and 2 years on the mobile phone carriers. At&t, Verizon, T-Mobile, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Microsoft all win under that Scenario. If They want to bundle a full Year of XBox Music, $1099 is even resonable.

I'd be pretty hard pressed to choose a Laptop over that bundle if I was a college Kid, because I'm still getting a 10 inch semi-laptop with Office as part of the package. However, i also got a phone and 360 with all the music I could stomach. In fact, i'd say thats the ultimate temptation package for people on the line thinking of getting an iPhone 5, Macbook Air, iPad, Android Phone/Tablet Combo heading back to school.

Is this the ultimate Ecosystem Package?