The Surface Is NOT Overpriced - Here's Why

Comparing the 499 Surface to the 499 iPad you get twice the RAM and twice the storage (16GB vs 32 GB). The Surface has a lower resolution, weaker soc, and lower capacity battery. But here's the catch because it has a lower resolution you'll actually gain more battery life since you won't be pushing as many pixels. The same can be said for the performance.

So I'm guessing you'll have similar battery life, similar performance, twice the ram and twice the storage for the same price. Not only that but Windows > iOS. 8/RT based on what I've seen are just a much better and much fuller OS. You also get HDMI input, USB support, and SD card support. Not to mention Office.

On the apps front you'll start off slow but unlike with Windows Phone, sales will be strong and I'm guessing based on what I know of years past 10 million minimum sold by the end of the year. That means if you're a developer you will be working on a Windows 8 you'd be a fool not too. There will be apps.

So with all that is there anything I'm missing?

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