Windows 8, what to do with it

So, being old school tech support (god) I want to keep up-to-date with software (and hardware) thus I downloaded the Windows 8 RTM version to check it out.

(Not because I want to replace Windows 7 for the simple reason I use OSX Mountain Lion :D)

Still, getting questions from people how to change this and how to install that I simply need to know being a good nerd and all.

I need to know, you could ask me any question about windows and I'm most likely able to solve it except for Windows ME which I refuse to even discuss let alone touch.

Now Windows 8 runs on bootcamp on my MBP and I have to say it's boot time is very nice. Love the lock screen and am at least impressed with the overall design.



I checked how to change settings like wallpapers, themes, and device settings and's pretty much the same as always since there is and old-school Control Panel

NOW! What am I supposed to do with it...??

I hate browsing in IE 10, its weird...

I hate closing open programs, makes no sense to me...

The hot-corners are a disaster, very slow and inefficient ...

I love the new Office look, but HATE THE ICONS!!!!!! Could they have been made any uglier?



I've been clicking through the system and I AM BORED. No cool things to edit, no wicked registers to mess up. No cool software to check out (except Office) so what am I to do with it?

What do you people do with Windows 8, do you like browsing in IE 10? etc?

As a normal OS I just don't like to use it, it's weird! But maybe this is just me.

Are you guys using it as your main OS? How are you liking it?