Canada Surface Disappointment - Pricing AND Colours

Well it looks like I'll just be getting a Lenovo Yoga 13.

I just checked out the Surface RT pre-order for Canada and even talked to the online customer representative (who was great, but had no additional info).

ONLY BLACK, WHITE and CYAN Touch Covers available!

Surface RT 32GB without black touch cover - $519.00

Surface RT 32GB with black touch cover - $619.00

Surface RT 64GB with black touch cover - $719.00

Surface Touch Cover ONLY AVAILABLE IN WHITE AND CYAN - $129.99

Surface Type Cover (Black) - $139.99

So... if you want to get the 64GB Surface with a different colour than black, it will be $848.99 BEFORE TAX!

Also, you'll be stuck with a black cover you won't use, instead of being able to swap.

Any other countries feeling let down? (I can't even imagine what the cost of the x86 models will be)