Microsoft Surface: For $499 up, you're paying for the build quality

I know there's already a similar forum post arguing that the Surface is not overpriced, but I'm going to offer a different argument.

I genuinely thought that after Microsoft released the Surface's Making Of video, people would stop whining about how "overpriced" it somehow is. I was proven wrong. Cue lost hope for humanity.

The making of Microsoft Surface (via YouTube/surface)

If you're still asking why it is overpriced, then watch the video for yourself. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making the Surface the benchmark Windows 8/RT device. They took great pains to make sure it's development does not leak out prematurely. They made dozens of prototypes. And they tested the shit out of it. Do you honestly think that Microsoft is going to make more sacrifices by undervaluing the Surface? Exactly.

For the Surface, you’re paying for the build quality.
For the TypeCover, you’re paying for an ultra-thin keyboard.

I don't know about you, but I've seen one too many shattered iPads, so I was particularly impressed by that part of the video where a Surface prototype went through a drop test. I think that part speaks for itself.

So before you pretend to be an expert in pricing stuff, know the whole story first. Because really, you're missing the big picture.


Edit 1: Removed "tactile" from the TypeCover statement. The fact that it's not tactile but still reliable is what makes it innovative.

Edit 2: Embedded the Making Of video.

Update: Here's another compelling case for the craftsmanship that went to making the Surface, coming from a surprising source: Gizmodo.

I won't be able to keep up with replying to all the comments (yes, I am that dedicated) up to this point, so there. I think I've said enough what needs to be said about my argument. Also, I need my at-least-6-hour sleep, folks. I might make a comment or two in the future, but not as often as I was in the past hour.