Surface with Windows 8 Pro good for light gaming?

Hey, I looked for specs on the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, and besides knowing its an ivy bridge processor, It didn't say what gpu it used. I was guessing it uses integrated HD 4000 graphics chip, which if I'm right, looks like it will be good for some light gaming as well. An example I found of somebody using the HD 4000 to play Team Fortress 2 looks that it is very playable which makes the surface with Windows 8 Pro even that more attractive to me. I already have a gaming computer I built at home, but the idea of a surface tablet that could play games with on low/medium settings on the go, or just use it as a tablet to web browse and even use as a laptop replacement with full Microsoft Office and any legacy Windows application that already exists makes it extremely attractive. Thoughts?

*Edit* Also some other games I found running on the HD 4000

Battlefield 3

Crysis 2

Modern Warfare 3

Grand Theft Auto IV

Dirt 3

Mass Effect 3

Diablo 3