The Verge Under rated the Ear Pods and the iPhone 5.

I have the Sprint iPhone 5, (Have unlimited LTE) But I downloaded drake CD to test out the bass and stuff on the Ear Pods, And I was shocked because the bass is incredible and my ears are large. The old iPhone headphones didn't stay in my ears very well, but the Ear Pods stay TIGHT in my ears and i am runner which they don't even wiggle or anything.

Good Job Apple designing perfect headphones.

The iPhone is.. All i can say is wow. I used every iPhone besides 1G but the iPhone is the best iPhone and best smart phone on the market right now in my opinion. Like usually you can't really tell the speed performance between new iPhone releases, BUT the iPhone 5 you will see a HUGE difference in speed and screen quality is outstanding. Not to mention when i am running I use Siri to text and switch music and she even responds quick and actually hears what i say finally.

I think the iPhone 5 at least deserves a 9.1 rating and above.