The Replacement Apps: Retiring the Obsolete

So I'm heading into my forth year with Android. In that time I've installed and used hundreds of apps across the three phones and one tablet I've had in that time.

I noticed now that apps I used to use as staples don't quite cut the mustard anymore. My usage patterns have changed or apps have just not kept up with or been eclipsed by other apps.

Here is a list of things I've used and then replaced with something else:

Alarm Clock Xtreme replaced by Double Twist Alarm

I used ACX mainly because it didn't crash on my Hero as the default alarm function did. Also the gentle gradual volume increases was a genius feature to me. Then DTA went on sale and I bought it on a whim. The interface sold me and poor ACX was replaced.

Android Pro Widgets replaced by Falcon

Going to Android 4 opened a new set of Holo themed apps to me. I used APW because I liked the HTC Sense like integration of its Timeline widget for putting Twitter and Facebook in one place. APW provided a great recreation of that and it is themeable. Well Facebook as a whole frustrated me so I deleted my account this summer and moved on to Twitter and Google +. APW then had less interest to me. Falcon is a great widget and it links right in with Tweet lanes. However I wonder if I'll leave Falcon behind if Tweet Lanes gets a widget.

MixZing replaced by Poweramp

With my Hero, I hated the music player. I went to MixZing which at the time was free and decent. But then the gapless playback of Poweramp along with its graphic eq blew poor MixZing out of the water.

Dolphin replaced by Chrome

Some people love Dolphin and it was a good browser for me. I actually used the mini version because it worked faster than the HD version. I have it installed still but Chrome works great for me. Love having my bookmarks synced and while I can do that with other browsers, I hate to keep setting up different accounts for things like that.

Swype replaced by SwiftKey

Swype used to be the first thing I'd install after trying a new rom or a factory reset. I thought that the sliding to type was everything. Then I tried SwiftKey and the predictions based on my own writing style actually made typing faster. To half quote JJFAD's Supersonic: it knows what I'm saying faster than I can say it. Plus, it has a few themes and there was a smaller margin of error. When Swype works well, it works well, but when it doesn't, it can be frustrating when it thinks you mean one word when you meant another.

So what apps have you replaced with better alternatives?