Why does Windows RT even exist?

The Surface (I'm calling it Surface One from here out) was officially announced today and it's for sale. But why does it even exist?

Many, many are saying that it's nice and such but they're waiting for Surface Pro. Completely logical. That device looks like a much better product. The Pro has better specs and most importantly runs the new Metro apps _and_ the old legacy apps. One foot in the future and one in the past, perfect for a transition product running a transition OS.

So, again, why does Windows RT and the Surface One exist? I think it's because Microsoft has no confidence in Intel's ability to create low power, high performance chips. Microsoft had to hedge its bets.

If the Surface One exists because the Surface Pro won't be ready for another 3 months, that doesn't really make much sense. Why go thru all the trouble to build another OS and another device just for a 3 month window. Microsoft has waited 2.5 years since the iPad started the tablet firestorm. 3 more months isn't going to make any difference.

I think Microsoft feels the Surface Pro will be held back by the Intel chips inside it. That maybe Intel had to make too many compromises to fit inside the Surface Pro. That many users will be let down by it's price/performance/battery life.

With the Surface One, Microsoft has a fall back.

The Surface One does have one big advantage: price. The Surface One is much cheaper than the Surface Pro and that will please many customers, but that price comes at too much of a "cost": no legacy program support. Will that make a difference? Only time will tell.

Do I make any sense?