Why I switched back to the iPhone.

The Story:

*DISCLAIMER: This is a fair point of view on both OSes, and in no way do I wish to anger any fellow Gadget-Goers with my post. If this is a tl;dr post to you then I shall inform you that the end result is - Android is superior to iPhone. However I miss the iPhone's solid ecosystem and UX. For reasons, read the post. Please don't argue with one another, it's not like your life depends on defending your beloved operating system. Let's just all get along :)

One day, I was fiddling with my iPhone 4S - personalizing it to fit my needs. It was still static, and that's what prompted me to consider switching to an Android. After seeing Jellybean, I was amazed. iOS 6 looked terrible based on all the betas prior to the final release and Jellybean was really tempting me into switching. After asking around forums, avoiding sites such as ModMyI and XDA-developers (I wanted to have a fair viewpoint on both OSes) I decided to post a single post on 'The Verge'. I was finally convinced into switching after searching for alternative applications.

So I switched. I couldn't wait any longer to obtain a Nexus device as I wanted a pure Android experience. I purchased a BINB Galaxy Nexus device off my friend for a discounted price. It was the deal of a lifetime. I was excited when I did the whole unboxing, and first boot. I was impressed for quite a long time. My friend remembers that I am learning to develop for both iOS and Android so he gave me a Nexus 7 for absolutely nothing. I am still in post-secondary - attending college and adjusting to the whole Android ecosystem. It was fantastic. I loved the widgets, the ease of customization, how it wasn't so 'static' like my old phone was. I was colored impressed. I got used to the entire ecosystem within weeks, tinkering with my phone - creating my own themes. Playing around with ADW + Nova Launchers. You know, just personalizing it to fit my needs.

Now I won't be writing up a review or tell you my entire life story on my whole Android experience. I admit - it was way superior than iOS in every way. But then I realized something. I started noticing a lot of disappointing UI from third-party apps. I barely got support from bug reports that I've received with some games (or lack thereof) which rather ticked me off seeing how I spent a good amount of money on games. I felt some features were too excessive within some apps (such as Go SMS Pro) and with the widgets I barely even use apps. What's the point of having Flipboard when I can just use an RSS widget to see all the latest news entries? I find myself barely even using Twitter anymore (And I admit, I'm a Twitter-addict) because of widgets. Alas, I eventually just added essential widgets to my phone's home screen and took a more minimalistic approach. I could ignore some poor UX from some apps so I felt fine.

I then began missing FaceTime, iMessage, and several apps and games that is available to iOS but not Android. I was shocked that Skype gave me bad experience at time (Which I am NOT blaming Android for) I truly missed the ease of using FaceTime to have a chat with my girlfriend or iMessage which was a decent messaging platform. I also love playing games to pass time. I was pleased to know that Galaxy on Fire 2 was available on the Android market, however the recent update has only hit iOS so far and I felt that I really wanted to play it due to excitement. Now while this didn't bother me, something won my mobile gaming heart. That was the release of The World Ends With You: Solo Remix which is iOS exclusive. Now I wanted to switch back to the iPhone. So I wrote down what I really missed. The list of features grew really large. I wanted FaceTime back the most. Was I really thinking about switching back?

The answer was a definite yes after I played with my girlfriend's iPhone. I wanted FaceTime back most of all. Skype was really getting to the end of me (Again, not blaming Android, and yes I've tried alternatives). I played The World Ends With You: Solo Remix on her 4S and I loved it. I remembered I jailbroke her phone. I missed biteSMS, the ease of theming using WinterBoard, IntelliscreenX, etc. I wanted Cydia back. I missed the jailbreak community and felt a longing to go back. I wasn't going to, until I realized it was best if I was going to develop for a platform it had to be just one. It's a huge pain in the butt trying to develop for Android. I missed Objective C, C++, C#. I wanted the uniform screen size of the iPhone 3GS - iPhone 4S along with the iPad. So I eventually gave in and took out my white iPhone 4S 32GB from my drawer and thus, I began using the iPhone again.


Android was a wonderful experience, and don't get me wrong I already miss the widgets and the ease of customization. However I also miss the solid UX and all the points above and that's what made me switch back to the iPhone. I won't be switching back anymore. I will always remain as a 'sheep' or whatever you want to call me. Don't get me wrong, I still use my Nexus 7 a lot more when I travel than my iPad. I still love the Google experience (I even use my Gmail a LOT more than Hotmail now) but I felt that the iOS experience was much better suited for me.

HOWEVER, I can admit - Android is far superior than iOS, especially since I strongly dislike iOS 6 and especially the maps. Thank god I stayed on iOS 5.1.1. I just missed the ease of use, the overall UX, the ease of developing, and the all the exciting jailbreak tweaks, and Apple's solid ecosystem. Both OSes has their strength and weaknesses, I'm just glad I've had a chance to taste some Jellybeans before biting into an Apple again.