New iMac on October 23rd event - expectations, hopes, etc.


So there are several rumors floating around that a new iMac will be revealed on Tuesday. Are you excited? What are you hoping to see with this new model?
The current iMac is a pretty complete package already but there are some obvious issues that people has complained about, such as:

  • No SSD in the standard configuration/too expensive SSD option
  • No HDD swap bay
  • Too reflective display

Do you expect Apple to have fixed these issues, and other issues, with the new iMac?


What do you really want in the new iMac? A Blu-Ray drive? A 24-inch model? And what about Retina? Most rumors point to the new iMac not having it. Is that a deal breaker? Will the laminated display be a big enough improvement?

Personally I will not be getting a new iMac if it isn't Retina. Retina is the thing that could make the iMac really special compared to a regular desktop PC.

What do we know?

We basically know nothing, but this is what the rumors point at and what's most logical based on what Apple usually does and has recently done with their products:

  • Thinner design with no ODD
  • USB 3.0
  • Laminated displays, not Retina