Windows Phone + ISIS

Hey Vergeoisie,

The recent news of ISIS finally launching on T-Mobile in a few days got me thinking about Windows Phone, ISIS, and Verizon. Here are the facts as I remember them:

  • Verizon supports ISIS (and not Google Wallet, see Gnex)
  • Windows Phone 8, when announced in June, was said to be bringing ISIS compatibility to its Wallet functionality in 2013.
  • The Windows Phone 8X by HTC, Lumia 920, and Samsung Ativ S (in order of my interest) all have NFC capability.
  • I live in Salt Lake City, one of ISIS' launch cities (just throwing that out there).

So what do y'all think: if I buy a Windows Phone now (when WP8 launches, of course), will the ISIS functionality come to the WP8 launch devices (with new SIM cards) by way of a software update, or will that functionality require another generation of devices?
Here's hoping to the former.