A cheaper way to get Surface with a touch cover

So I was just thinking...all touch covers that come with the 32 GB model are black, and if you want the 64 GB model, you have to get the bundled black touch cover. That means that anyone who wants a type cover or a different color touch cover will have to buy a separate one. For the 32 GB model, you can get the one without the included cover, but if you want a 64 GB you'll end up with 2 covers.

If I had to guess, there will be a fair amount of people who want to have the greatest and best version out there and so will spend the money on the 64 GB Surface. They'll also want to stand out so they'll buy a colored touch cover (or will prefer the type cover). So I would guess that a fair amount of black touch covers will show up on ebay (because why do you need an extra laying around...and might as well recoup some of the cost from your extra purchase). So does it seem like a reasonable expectation to be able to buy the 32 GB Surface for $499, and then hope for a second-hand (but unused) black touch cover for maybe $50-$60?

I think this might help people who were wanting a Surface but hoping for a lower price. What do yall think?