People have it wrong - It's the Surface Pro which is DOA

Of course it will sell - at least to some business users. But it won't sell as much as the Surface RT. Here's why:

  • Price: The Surface Pro will cost substantially more than the RT. Most likely $899 for the base model without cover.
  • Battery life: The Haswell generation would be perfect (10W max usage), but it's the Ivy Bridge.
  • Wireless handicap: It doesn't support 4G, nor NFC. As the big push on "Devices" in Windows, and NFC in WP8, it should be standard on an official Microsoft device.
  • GPS: If they had this included along with Nokia Drive, it would be pretty awesome - along with standardized port, maybe car makers would make accessories for it.

Here's to hoping GEN 2 has Haswell, or even better x86 architecture. Surface is beautiful.