Is My Galaxy Nexus Suppose To Be 122 Degrees?

The "good ole'" Galaxy Nexus. The nearly perfect, pure Google phone in all of the Android 4.1 glory (at least the first) and a one of kind experience it is. I'm about 5 months in with this phone from the iPhone 4S and it's amazing overall; Android 4.1 is fast and fluent on its good days (for some its "butter" smooth all of the time), the new Google Now feature rivals Siri and is great in every aspect along with many of the features with 4.1. The issue with my Nexus (outside of the terrible battery life) is the reoccurring issue that I've been having with almost every Android phone I've had; overheating. My 5 month old Nexus has reached 114 in sleep mode and 122 with the screen sitting idle. The screen, especially, gets very hot and become uncomfortable to hold as we'll as along the lens of the camera. This issue is becoming increasingly irritating since I've ran into this issue with almost every Android phone I've owned and is honestly drowning out the amazing features of the phone itself. Now, before I make this next statement, I want to say that this issue may not be with every Android phone but from my experience with nearly every flagship running 4.0 to 4.1 (besides the Note) the issue has hit a lot of flagships (SII, Nexus, SIII, etc) compared to other platforms. iPhones don't have this problem; Windows Phones don't have this problem, and BlackBerry (Who?) doesn't have this problem. It may contribute to the PC like processors running on huge batteries contained in thin, flimsy, and plastic casings but this is an issue that has plagued me for years and I'm not a power user by any means (I have an iPad). If anything, the iPhone should be melting users skin with the all aluminum antenna band that looks like it could heat up pretty good if you use it long enough. But for me, it's just Androids that heat up like this. I love my Galaxy Nexus and don't want this to interfere with any of the amazing features of Android 4.1; but it is. What is the use of an amazing phone running an amazing, new, update if I can't even hold it but for so long before the evidence of all the hard work its really doing shows up. I know all of it has to be powered from somewhere, and I know that it does pick up a little bit of heat (which I'm used to) but is my Galaxy Nexus supposed to be 122 degrees?