Anandtech published its review of the iPhone 5

The best reviewer in town published its review.

As always, an amazing review, worth noting is that unlike some shallower reviewers, Anandtech cared a huge deal about Apple's new SOC:

<blockquote>Understanding the A6 however is key to understanding the iPhone 5, and it also gives us a lot of insight into where Apple may go from here. A review of the iPhone 5 without a deep investigation into the A6 just wasn't an option.</blockquote>

Not only because it means Apple is taking the "integrating hardware and software" motto to new heights, but also because it either matches or slightly outperforms the Krait architecture from Qualcomm. Apple also continues to beat everybody else when it comes to gpu performance, only the Adreno 320 comes close.

Both the purple haze and the scuffing are real problems, but still minor issues (although scratches can become a headache, so it it really bothers you, and you want an iPhone, you may want to go with the white option). Anyway, it's a wonderful read and there's no point repeating everything here.