The Verge as an Anti-Apple Fanboy site?

I used to like reading this blog about several months ago and especially the time when it transformed from MyNext. Everyone who commentated on articles, both Google and Apple articles attracted non-biased, objective praise or criticism. As of late it's become a joke. Using this recent comment I posted about an Apple article as an example:

The Verge is turning, or has already turned, into a cesspool of mindless Apple haters, it's sad to see. Some of these comments make no sense, such as "Stupid", which is one of the most recommended comments for an article about Apple's lightning connector !?! Checked this guy's history and he's never had anything positive to say about Apple at all which makes me wonder why bother commenting at all on this article?
Getting back to this being an article about Apple's proprietary charger, which should have no bearing on Android, Windows or any other smartphone fan's worlds, why all the vitriol? And just quickly singling out the Apple users with legitimate grievances about this new standard, you should realize that Apple has cannibalized/terminated/abolished/cancelled many of its own products in the past out of failure or the betterment of technology as a whole. Short term pain in exchange for some real long lasting technological advances.
This cord needed to be thinner to accommodate a thinner phone, pluggable either side (why this hasnt been done long ago is beyond me), and more robust security to thwart cheap knock offs which damage the brand (Android OEM's can only dream of their products spawning as much black market interest!)). The security measures also prevent Microsoft, Google, Amazon or any other device maker from hitching a ride on Apple's coattails of proprietary peripherals, docks, gadgets, toys, and other assortments of mini-businesses in services which make millions simply catering to Apple designed products.
So what's the point of this post? To try to be as rational as I could. But I bet many at this site have already made up their minds and are beyond rational reasoning. Akin to a debate over religion or a political view, or simply someone who has a vested interest in the platform because of the fact that they have already invested in it. Or finally, they just hate Apple for "Stupid" reasons.

Anyway, after posting that I thought that a forum like this would allow me to get a more accurate gauge as to how other Apple users felt. Please let me know how you feel and whether or not I'm being naive, i.e. Have things always been this way? Or has there seriously been an uptick of anti-Apple sentiment here recently?