I'm so sick of The Verge's video player

Preface: I understand this is definitely a first-world, upper-middle class issue. This is constructive criticism, so I hope I don't come across as 'whiny'.

This video solution sucks. It's apparent that servers cannot stream the content at the necessary bit-rate without constant buffering. Everyday I come home from work in the evening, go to theverge.com and look at 90 seconds on the verge. I hit play, and check the high quality option (because I don't have dial-up at home, surprise surprise). Every single day it takes about 20 seconds to buffer about 10 seconds worth of footage, and after it starts playing, it stops to catch its breath abut 15 seconds later.

I know that the verge posts all their videos to youtube, and for that I am very thankful. I am hesitant to publish this post because of the fact that I can just watch all the content there. I still don't understand why you just don't embed the youtube video right on the articles themselves instead of this daily occurrence of me hoping that the verge video will work. The verge's video solution is also flash-based (regrettably), so it has no advantage over YT there. I heard that the verge makes more in advertising with the site's solution as opposed to youtube...but if I need to go to youtube to view the videos, then that kind of defeats the purpose of having your own video solution.

It's obvious that youtube is a great platform, and Google has the strength in servers to stream high quality video at the required speeds. I don't understand why The Verge feels the need to reinvent the wheel by offering an inferior solution.