ALL fanboys "change their values" to favor their company of choice?

Alright, let me make this quick. Since the Surface came out (and recently been up for preorder), a lot of people have been bashing it for not having retina resolution. Let me just show it via a typical conversation:

MS fan: Surface is out for pre order! Same price as an iPad and it's better!

Apple fan: How can it be better when it has a worse screen? It's not even retina!

MS fan: So what? 1366×768 is just fine for a 10.6-inch tablet.

Apple fan: Yeah, because the Surface has a worse screen, suddenly it doesn't matter..

Now read this conversation:

Apple fan: The iPad 2 is so cool! The experience is great!

Suddenly, iPad 3 comes out with retina display

Apple fan: Wow! the retina display is cool! All other tablets displays are now crap! (including iPad 2)

MS fan: So now that the iPad has retina display, suddenly all that matters in a tablet is resolution?

Can you see my point? Both fanboys change their values everytime. I don't know what the big deal is. As to the resolution thing, here's my take:

- retina resolution IS an advantage. It DOES look great. It's an advantage of thee iPad.

- NOT having retina resolution is somehow a disadvantage, but in no way a deal breaker. Yes you look at your screen all the time on the tablet, but damn it's not all that matters.

- It's sad that the Surface doesn't have retina display or even 1080p resolution, but it doesn't take away its other merits like the touch cover, kickstand, etc. so saying that the Surface is inferior to the iPad based solely on display resolution is ridiculous.

- finally, is it not possible to say "If the Surface had retina display, we'd be praising it like hell. But since it doesn't, we're fine with the 1024×768 resolution." Maybe some people are just in denial, but isn't it possible that some people are actually fine with the resolution?

So in short, retina display is just another advantage of the iPad over Surface, along with other things.