One more proof that Microsoft surface cannot compete with iPad.

The Microsoft Surface is already up for pre-order and prices are in line with those for the iPad starting at $499 for a 32GB model without the Touch Cover,. One might argue that the Surface is actually a similar deal because for the same kind of money you can only get a 16GB iPad with high res retina display.


iPad 16GB + retina display = Surface RT 32GB.

BUT it exactly isn't that simple a proposition.

Microsoft representative has finally reveled the ugly truth that-

Windows RT with Office and essential apps on the Surface takes up a whopping 12GB.

So while we can't exactly say how much Windows RT takes up, fact of the matter is that one should get around 20GB of free space. Just marginally bigger then 14GB of free memory on the 16GB iPad.

And that explains why you don’t have a 16GB Microsoft Surface - it simply wouldn’t have enough space for storing things outside the operating system. (as pointed out b phone

It's really disgusting that the Surface is already up for pre-order but important details like this one are only now appearing and not even through the official channels.

source - Phonearena