Are you upset about the LG Nexus 4?

I'll be honest; when I first heard and saw early prototypes of the alleged LG Nexus 4, I was a bit underwhelmed and disappointed. As more details came out about the design and the specs, I gradually liked it more and more. And when I thought about it, what's not to like? The new Nexus 4 seems to be an upgrade across the board:

-Amazing, non-pentile, HD, IPS screen on par with the awesome OneX SLCD2
-S4 Pro should offer screaming performance. I notice some things do take a while longer to load on my Galaxy Nexus compared to my Nexus 7, and the S4 Pro should be more powerful than the Tegra 3.
-2GB RAM – better multitasking, more room for cached webpages, snappier overall performance. Doubles the RAM in my Galaxy Nexus.
-Better Camera – appears to be better than the current Nexus, hoping it’s significantly better when it comes to production models.
-Bigger battery – it’s sealed, but the Optimus G has a 2100mah battery so it is a fairly decently sized battery.

-Great reviews on the hardware front for the Optimus G

Yea, it looks very similar to the GNex from the front, but its a great, clean, minimalist design. The back has grown on me quite a bit. Overall, I now think that it’s a pretty good upgrade, even for GNex users.

If the rumors of the HTC Nexus 5 don't pan out, I'm all in on the next Nexus. Although with news of the HTC J Butterfly and the official 1080P screen, I think the rumors of the HTC Nexus 5 are more likely to be true...