Surface, why so much secrecy?

One of the aspects of the Surface release that has bothered me the most is the secrecy that is going on, even 9 days before release. In my growing anxiety after preordering it I went and revisited the Surface presentation video it seems that by that time, at least Panos was very enthusiastic about the press touching and feeling the device and have some hands on time with it. Then? what changed? I believe that the embarrassing moment when the Surface RT crashed could have been the reason why they changed strategy so dramatically, probably worrying about a second crash incident.

Microsoft Surface FAIL!-NEW UNCUT (via kingofmorons1)

This to me is just the wrong strategy. Why in this world they are going to be refusing to allow hands on time with a device which one of the main selling points is the build quality? I think they are taking a big risk with the press, even in last Monday's tour to get to know the Surface in detail, very few people was actually able to get hands on time with the device (PC Mag and The Verge). So what are they hiding?