Any fans here of the Cyberpunk Genre?

Today and the Near Future has been accurately predicted in many ways by Cyberpunk authors and movies, since the 80s. It is really scary to see that we are almost living in a Cyberpunk world, depending more and more on computer technology, our lives and social interaction passing to a virtual world level, everyday the fussion of human and machine is getting near. Singularity is getting near as said by Ray Kurzweil.

While all this changes are happening, the Governments and Mega-Corporations are having more influence than before, even trying to censorship the internet, something that was born without limits, the freedom of speech is in danger, people is searching for alternative ways to express their opinion without being harassed, becoming hackers and trying to escape the disinformation of the media controlled by the Gov and Megacorps.

Cyberpunk has always a Dystopic theme, but not all Dystopias are Cyberpunk. Some famous authors are William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and Bruce Sterling. Another examples in other media are "Blade Runner" 1982 movie, "Ghost in the Shell" Manga and Anime Movies, and "Matrix".

Just wondering which are your favorite books, comics, movies of this genre. Or some new authors and books that you recommend to check. Also do you think that Cyberpunk is dying as genre?

Also excuse my english, spanish is my native language.