The Windows RT 'Apps Argument'



I was planning to get either an iPad3 or a Macbook Air for note taking at university but the Macbook Air would be a bit overkill for that. The iPad 3 does not come with any office software so thats when I looked to get the new Microsoft Surface RT which has the kickstand and typecover making it more comfortable to work with.

This would be perfect for me because I've got 25GB of Skydrive space and Office 2011 on my iMac. I could save my office documents to my Skydrive and access them where ever I want.

And here is what everyone seems to say, "The iPad has over 700.000 APS", "Retina display". Well I'm not interested in 'retina' because I think its a bunch of marketing bull, I've never been able to separate pixels from my Galaxy S2's screen or my iMac.

The other big argument is apps, 700.000 of them. Obviously there are more iOS apps out there since its like an 5 year old OS. Did people really expect RT to have more apps then iOS? It's stupid and its a comparison that shouldn't even be made at this point. It's like comparing OSX to Windows, obviously the latter has more programmes.

So what if there is 700k of apps on iOS, your only going to use about 100 of the best ones. I know a lot of bloggers are making a big deal out of apps but its irrational at this point to expect RT to come even close to that number. Give it a little bit of time and we'll see how RT does in about 6 months time.