Recent Games in the Win8 Store

I have been using Windows 8 since the preview was released. The games were sparse and I found what was there was low quality and seemed rushed.

In the last week I have seen some really great games hit the store, and most of them are free.

Here are some I have tried and really liked.

Note: I would not know if any of these are old games from other platforms. All I know is that they are in the Win8 app store. Also I played all of them with a Mouse and Keyboard on my Win8 desktop but all of these games looked like they were built for touch input as well.

Radiant Defense


What I liked:

Graphics - Everything is very colorful, smooth and Hi Quality.

Gameplay - I am a sucker for a good tower defense game and there are enough new ideas here to make this one fresh. Lots of upgrades, towers and research items.

Price - The game is a free download, but to get some of the more powerful towers and technology you have to buy packs that are about $1.50 each. I am not sure how far you can progress in the game without buying packs, but if you are into this game you will have no problem paying for it.

Adera (Xbox Live)


What I liked:

Graphics - Some really beautiful scenes that you get to click through and explore. The cut scenes are lively and for the most part well done.

Gameplay - Your typical point and click adventure puzzle game. There are a ton of puzzles to figure out. The variety of the puzzles was what I liked. Some were very easy and some I really had to think my way through. There are plenty of hints so you never get stuck because you did not know you had to click a pot in the corner to get a leaf you might use later (like other games).

Price - Currently there is only 1 episode and it is free. More episodes will be released later and I am not sure if there will be a cost for those. The first episode is fully playable all the way through.

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies


What I liked:

Fun - It is just mindless fun. It is fully apparent this was made to be played on a tablet but it was playable with a keyboard just fine. You can pay to upgrade Dredd faster but I had no issues upgrading with just the in-game credits you earn while playing.



What I liked:

Gameplay - I feel like it was made for a child, but I am 30 and I found it fairly challenging. All of the tiles have different abilities which adds a twist to every scenario. The AI really wants to kick your ass and if you make a mistake it will pounce all over you. I am not going to go in to how the game is played, but if check it out if you like puzzle games.

Price - Although the game is short, it is free.

There are a bunch more, but mostly what these games gave me was a hope that good quality, fun and free games are on the way.

Post below if you can recommend any other games from the Win8 store.


- Jeff