Poor, Poor Avg. people, you are so dumb : (

Before the iOS was released and became the yard stick for every UIX that has come after I did not know that I was part of an "elite" of tech connoisseurs that is superior to the point that can find at home with Windows 8. I also never looked at my mom and dad like incompetent "normal" people incapable of changing their old habits and learn new, more efficient ways of doing things. Incompetent stagnant dinosaurs sums the description that I find tech bloggers to refer to "normal" people. I think the avg. person has been disqualified from been able to learn how to swipe or use a right click and thus are not going to be able to learn Windows 8 or find it incredible difficult to use. I in the other hand have faith in the capability of those outside of the tech sphere, after all, they could learn how to add music to their iPads and iPhones using iTunes and had to disassociate from the simple process of dragging and dropping files to their storage devices, and even learn that they could not print stuff and use email to share documents. If they adapted to that, they can easily adapt to Windows 8.