What game/device you feel has the most wasted potential?

I think we have all had that moment in gaming when we see something that comes out that <i>could</i> have been so awesome, yet missed the mark. That sensation, for me, is caused by the Kinect.

Microsoft is obsessed with having it be a hands free gaming device. This is the single reason why it (mostly sucks). Think of the possibilities of peripheral based gaming in conjunction with the device.

There could be a game where it comes with a peripheral pistol and assault rifle that each have two clips and a cocking mechanism. If you need to reload, swap the clips, and the Kinect detects this and you reload in game. Once the new clip is in, don't forget to cock the gun into action. It would be a blast in of itself because it makes the gamer more aware of the core aspects of what they are doing and every thing more rewarding. Just a touch of what they could do with this style of game obviously.

Another one would be a peripheral wand for a Harry Potter game, and an actual external book of spells to learn in real life. It is an open world game where you play as a new student at Hogwarts, and you must explore and fight and expo expo expo obviously.

This has been KILLING me, because those two things would be so amazing, even in just a simplistic way, let alone if someone like Bethesda picked up Harry Potter or someone like DICE picked up the other game.

So my question is, has there ever been anything that seems SO viable yet no one does it for whatever reason? Am I crazy?