People already mocking me for buying a Surface

This isn't a post about me or wanting sympathy and pity its just a honest reflection of what reactions I have received from people when I told them I had pre ordered a Surface. Below is few comments I have received from colleagues and friends in the last day:

"Thats £500 down the drain"

"How much?!"

"Good luck typing on that, I hope it comes with a spell checker"

"Apple ipad is better"

"Microsoft? LOL"

"Windows 8? oh god...I hear its really shit"

"Microsoft cant make hardware"

"1st gen device.....hope it works"

These are people I work with and friends with other tablets. The perception of MS is not good folks, people tend to run the other way every time you mention MS. So it got me wondering, whatever MS do is it going to be ever good enough to regain their street cred?

I got a really bad feeling that Surface may go down in a blaze of glory even though its a half decent product. When I get my Surface I am not going to promote it or sell it to my colleagues. I am the type of person who just uses tech and if people ask questions I try to give a non biased view. But now I am now getting fedup of all the negativity people spout out. I don't even bother trying to justify my choice anymore. Any other people had similar experiences? I get the same reaction when I say I am buying a Windows Lumia phone.