Minimal PC Cases

So the time is almost here for me to dive head first into putting my first PC together. After nearly a year of picking parts then scraping them, picking parts then scraping them and once again, for good measure, picking parts and scraping them, I feel I have finally settled on a finalised setup. The one area I'm still hung up on is the case.

I prefer an understated look when it comes to PC cases. No windows, no LED's, minimal venting/mesh cutouts, keeping this in mind I have narrowed it down to two cases, The Coolermaster 690 II and the Fractal Design R4. I would prefer the Fractal R4 but my one worry is the cooling side of things, it's the one thing reviews of both cases seem to be hung up on. The guts of the PC will include an overclocked i5 Ivy Bridge with an Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CPU Cooler and a dual fan GTX 660 Ti and the drive bays will be removed. Would a couple extra 140mm fans in the R4 (it already ships with 2) be enough to calm my fears of over heating? Has anybody here had any experience with either cases that could impart some wisdom upon me?