Attitude Adjustment

So, I'm pretty excited for 2013. Why? Because it's a new year, with a fresh start, and a new slate (or tablet!) for Microsoft to dominate, and the Verge to relax their "Microsoft is not good at things" flow of articles. ECOSYSTEM consists of more than a number of apps in a store. It's about the connection between all of your devices. Xbox. Windows 8. Windows Phone 8. Win RT. There is no competing platform. No one else can claim they have a complete solution like Microsoft can. Xbox Live now spans all of those devices. Office comes damn near close. Internet explorer is on every one of those devices. It is possible that the apps will extend from WP8 to W8, or vice versa, or at the very least, allow for easier porting. I challenge the verge to write two articles in a week about Microsoft "not getting it" a year from now. Good luck, I say. I'll enjoy my ecosystem.