A Verge Magazine?

As a follower of the Verge for several months, I've been fascinated and impressed with the depth of high quality articles on a daily basis (and am a big fan of the Vergecast, incidentally). However, there are the times that I've wanted tech reading on the go when my wifi-only, unlocked Nexus S is useless.

There is something special about getting a magazine and going through the articles slowly, you know?

Right now, I'm subscribed to both PCPro and PCWorld in print form. But they, in no way, match the type of articles I come and visit this site for on a daily basis. I'm sure the brains behind The Verge could manage something that we'd all enjoy, PC or Mac, iOS, WP, Android, etc., etc.

If one of these ever were to come to light, I'd like the magazines to feature longer reviews, editorials, some interesting forum posts, information about what goes on behind the website at The Verge, member highlights and, of course, the tech world in general.

So my questions are as follows:

Joshua Topolsky and Co., would you ever consider doing this? And, more importantly, would you guys here in the forums be interested in reading/subscribing to a monthy magazine like this? And finally, what would you want to see in a "Verge Magazine"?

Help me bring this idea to life. I can't be the only one interested in this kind of thing.