Skydrive + Word Question, plus some more about RT

Hello tribe,

I'm seriously considering getting the Surface RT, but there are a few things I'd like to know before I get one:

1) How well does Skydrive integrate with Word? In other words, if I have a document open on both my desktop and on the hypothetical Surface, what would the effect of editing on one be on the other? Would it update live like I see happening on them Macs? If yes, would this be true for Word 2010 on my desktop, or would it be for newer versions?

2) If I get Chrome from the MS Store, will I be able to run it in the desktop environment? Are plugins (read: Chrome Remote Desktop) supported?

3) Are there any known programming environments for RT? Any in development?

4) If I write my own RT apps (on my desktop, possibly), will I be able to test/use them on my surface RT?

Thanks everyone