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It's Thursday, October 18th and this is your post-dead hour wake up call, here at Polygon on The Verge.

The days might be getting darker earlier than we'd like, the evenings growing colder with each +1 on the calendar but we have the warming glows of computer monitors to help us through the latter half of the year. Unless you're Salias, and you're in Australia where it's Spring. Let's crack on together through the darkness as the light dimly glows, far away, at the end of the tunnel.


1: Press Reset: Episode 8 - "TL;DR" by Polygon Staff

In the nine years since I earned my first "payment" as a working game journalist, I've written hundreds of thousands of my own words and worked with hundreds of writers on their stories. I've traveled the world, seeing things and meeting people I would never have imagined before I got into this business. And I've played all the games.

But that isn't why I do this. I do it because I can't imagine doing anything else. I do it because if I can touch just one person — and share with them, through my words, the joy I feel when I play video games — then that, to me, is as great a gift as that first free game.

- Russ Pitts, Features Editor, Polygon

2: Inside the composer's (dead) space by Russ Pitts [FEATURE]

Graves is standing in a small room, just between his main studio and the closet where he stores his four Mac Pros and various pieces of server equipment. The corners of the tiny room are filled with an odd tangle of instruments, some of which aren't instruments at all, but rather objects Graves has conscripted as part of his orchestra of unusual sounds. There are even a few items that look like wind chimes he's had custom-made, but he can't talk about those — or the game he's using them to score.

Right now he's holding an upright bass, a massive instrument, and he's slapping it like he's playing the drums on his dashboard sitting at a red light.


3: 'The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - Around Every Corner' review: set adrift by Justin McElroy

At this point, I hope you’ve already taken my advice and tucked into Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Even before this fourth and penultimate episode, "Around Every Corner", it was already one of the best stories told in a video game, not to mention the best implementation ever of episodic structure in gaming.

So if you’re looking for buying advice, let me get that out of the way. Buy it. Buy it all, buy it hard. Buy it for loved ones as a last-minute stocking stuffer, buy it for someone that has never played a video game. Just buy it. Repeatedly.


4: Kixeye CEO slams Zynga as corporate theft lawsuit moves forward by Samit Sarkar

Kixeye chief executive Will Harbin lashed out at social-gaming rival Zynga yesterday, as a San Francisco judge granted the latter company's request to continue with its lawsuit against a former employee who took confidential documents with him when he left Zynga for Kixeye in August, reports All Things D.

A Kixeye spokesperson previously said the company "has nothing to do with the suit," but Harbin released a statement yesterday accusing Zynga of resorting to litigation as senior staffers continue to leave and its share price keeps dropping. He also said his company would have no interest in using information about Zynga games to copy them, since Kixeye makes different kinds of social games.


5: IGN Entertainment is going up for auction, expected asking price of $100 million by Emily Gera

News Corp. expanded IGN Entertainment over the last year to prepare for the sale. In 2011 IGN Entertainment, which comprises of IGN.com, AskMen.com, GameSpy.com, and other websites, purchased UGO Entertainment, the company behind UGO.com and 1UP.com.


1: Polynauts Trophies: Winner of Comment of the Week (8-14/10) by Salias

It's that time again, Polynauts; When all of the previous week's 'Comments of the Day' engage in glorious battle to achieve the prestigious rank of 'Comment of the Week.'

There can be only one; and there is only one.

2: Turn-based Asynchronous Game Recommendations? by aezell

Are there turn-based games out there that can be played asynchronously with turns maybe having to wait days before being acted upon? If so, what are some of the best ones? Ideally, we'd like a sci-fi setting, but pretty open if the gameplay mechanics are compelling and if there's a decent story.

3: What game/device you feel has the most wasted potential? by nessinpaintmaster

I think we have all had that moment in gaming when we see something that comes out that could have been so awesome, yet missed the mark. That sensation, for me, is caused by the Kinect.

Microsoft is obsessed with having it be a hands free gaming device. This is the single reason why it (mostly sucks). Think of the possibilities of peripheral based gaming in conjunction with the device.

There are plenty more posts (too many to post at times) from the Polynauts community over the past few days - go check them out here!


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