Blatant lying in recent Verge Surface post

Update: Please see comments by Sean Hollister and Tom Warren below.

Though The Verge has an unfortunate tendency to drum up false arguments in favor of traffic and comments, in a recent post entitled With Surface looming, Microsoft fails to explain Windows 8 vs. Windows RT to consumers, author Sean Hollister instead took it a step further and decided on resorting to flat-out lying in order to accomplish this goal.

Regardless of the legitimate issues the article brings up as far as employee knowledge and training, many of which I agree with, lying in an editorial is crap journalism, and not what people expect from a high calibre news site such as The Verge.

Straight from the article:

"there is a short "Windows RT vs. Windows 8" guide, but legacy software doesn’t even get a bullet point".

Pull quote from the article:


This is complete and utter bullshit. The Help Me Choose page in which the article refers (which is actually quite extensive, not short as the article would lead you to believe), clearly outlines the differences between the two operating system. In fact, it’s literally the first bullet point on the entire page:

Windows RT: Windows RT is an exciting new version of Microsoft Windows that is built to run on ARM-based tablets and PCs. Works exclusively with apps available in the Windows Store.
Windows 8 Pro: Runs current Windows 7 desktop applications and integrates with your existing enterprise management infrastructure. Use the programs and the apps available in the Windows Store.

To support his fallacy, Sean proceeds to create another irrelevant argument:

and the reasons behind the lack of legacy apps are so technical that consumers might tune out. Even if Microsoft said "it doesn't run legacy apps" outright to every single buyer, would they understand what that meant?

If you take just a couple seconds to think about it, this a retarded way to try and explain this to consumers. How about "Windows RT will not run Windows 7 programs"?? No.. that makes too much sense. Let's just make up some stupid explanation for Microsoft, and explain how confusing it is and how no one would understand it instead............