Thoughts on lack of apps for the surface (and RT in general)

I've been thinking about this for some time now. I've been try to predict the score for ecosystem that the Surface will get in its review.

For the moment let's not talk about Skydrive,, xBox Music/Video/Games, Smart Glass, Messenger, Skype, the ability to join HomeGroups etc.

There are 2 other heavy weights that Apple nor Google are able to match (at the moment);


I can't Stress enough how huge this is. This allows for the Surface to communicate MILLIONS of other devices. (Not just Scanners, Printers and Digital Cameras) One could connect an External Hard Drive for accessing data, a mouse for better pointing in the desktop or even their smartphone (or iPad) for charging. MORE INTERESTINGLY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE YOUR xBox 360 CONTROLLER TO PLAY GAMES. (I know this will be great for existing legacy games but I wonder how many devs will make Windows Store games that will support this)


Now I've been hearing a lot of clamoring about the (initial) lack of apps being the Achilles heel of the Surface (and Windows RT in general) After some (pragmatic) thought I’ve come to the conclusion that this shouldn't too much of an issue. Why might you ask, have I come to this (overly optimistic) conclusion. To answer this question we have to look at the fundamental question; why we (society) have become so fixated on apps. When you really look at it, most apps (barring games) are windows (no pun intended) into web sites/services. They mainly exist because of deficiencies in the browser. What does this mean? Will it means different things devices. For phones it means apps are the best way to information on a (relatively) small screen. Which makes all the sense in the worlds, right? SO; that being the case, why have we (emphasis on past tense) been so dependent on apps with tablets? (Given their larger screens) This is where those deficiencies come in. A good example of this has been the lack of access mobile browsers have to the file explorer. (I know this has been partly addressed in iOS 6 with access to photos) So what happens when you need to upload a file to (other than a picture) to whatever site or service you are using? Or what about sites that still use flash (I know, I hate them too, but alas they still exist). Then there's the sites (usually these are the ones people use for work) that are simply not compatible with Mobile Browsers. As great as Mobile Safari and Mobile Chrome are they simply cannot compete with a full-fledged Browser like IE10 (I'm referring to the desktop mode). Hence there shouldn't be as much of a need for many of the apps that you do on your current tablet.

The other kind of apps are of course productivity related, and between OfficeRT, Paint (YES, I said paint Damn it!) and other core apps / features built into Windows RT; I think MS is off to a great start.

So what do you guys think? Am I right, am I right, or is was all this just the blithering’s of a Partisan Fan boy?

(FYI - I typed am I right twice on purpose)