Listen Microsoft Tribe..

I love you, I truly do. But this is getting ridiculous. Now I'm a Microsoft fan, I could argue more so than most of everyone here, but I'm starting to get really tired of all of this blant fanboyism. Its perfectly fine to be a fan of something, but once it borders on being a lifestyle, a fanaticism, its too much.

We need to start being less hostile towards each other. Stop calling out Apple and Google products because you simply don't like the company, its not warranted, yes I agree that sometimes they may pull cheap moves, but so does Microsoft. Its all in the nature of business.

The entire Verge sees us as some sort of monster. The writers are getting annoyed with us and the readers are getting mad at us. I would argue that if we started to be more open towards others opinions, we could easily turn that around. So what if you like the Surface instead of the ipad or the Nexus tab, thats only your opinion; let others have theirs. Its perfectly fine to point out small inconsistencies with someones opinion -such as if they say it doesn't have wifi yet it does- but don't bash someones opinion or preferences.

In case no one can understand what I'm mainly ranting about, i'm just trying to address what can be seen. On every news article, every thread, every post, fanboys of all kinds are in a Thermonuclear Knife Fight. For the past week every time I came here I found that half of the posts are about Google and Apple. Last I checked, Google and Apple are not Microsoft, and as such they should go to their own forums. The only reason these posts don't go to their respective forums is because the posters know that they will get yelled at and called a fanboy there. These are the posts we should be discouraging.

I know I don't control the entire forum, I know I don't control the Microsoft Tribe, I know I don't control the individual people; but I do control my opinions, and although I know this won't happen, I hope that people can start discouraging these unjustified troll posts -atleast within our community. The rest can follow when they wish.

I know this post isn't likely to change anything, but one has to atleast try. Stop giving us a bad name.