Has the internet got to be regulated?

This is a very sensitive topic, and no one seems to know the exact answer to it yet, but I ask it anyway - particularly in order to hear your point of view on that matter. My question is: Is it necessary to regulate and police the internet, and if yes, why?

I think that this is not only the case, but that it's natural that internet regulation will happen sooner or later. To me, the internet is a public space like any other, and a public space without some sort of police simply doesn't work, since there will always be people that don't obey the common rules of social coexistence. Those people have to be prosecuted for what they've done - no matter where they've done it (on the internet just as somewhere else). This is a very straightforward way they can be re-integrated into our society, and as long the government or the individuals that write down those laws with the legitimation of the citizens do it right, this works well.

I think the internet mustn't be a place where everyone can run riot without respecting others' integrity. This integrity can only be preserved if there's some sort of regulation that restricts everybody insofar as the personal freedom of their fellow human beings is maintained.

Also, the word regulation has to be defined. At the moment, most of our politicians only seem to go after terrorists and mostly ignore other sorts of crime on the web. This doesn't help us as citizens very much when it comes to our daily life. Instead, I think it's necessary that everyone has a public identity on the internet - similar to a username that you use for all your communities, so that people know with whom they're dealing with. Social networks must be accessible better for institutions that are responsible for imposing law and order. However, the right to express your opinion freely has to be preserved, and those public interventions mustn't touch personal freedom.

To me this is a logical consequence, but this is just my opinion. I'm interested in hearing what you have to share about this topic.