Support: Why we need it and How we will get it



So, Let;s put it this way, You are in a budget and need a smartphone, But, The ones that fit your budget run Gingerbread/Froyo. You buy them thinking they are as good as expected. Then, You have only reached home when you found out that you have to "root" it to have the latest and greatest Android features, Worse, there is a risk of bricking your phone and wasting $12+ on repairs. BUT, you REALLY want the latest and greatest, and your phone OEM-carrier happens to be LG... in Verizon! The only ways you get the latest and greatest is either take the risk and root, buy a nexus, or buy a newer(more expensive) phone. all of which you cannot do, So you will have to live with it and not get the good stuff.

OEM and carrier Schooling from Google

The best Google can do is to school OEMs (and carriers) on supporting EVERY device they make. Google will hen observe the OEMs and carriers for 6 months, an if they fail to achieve supporting all their devices, Google will then suspend the OEM from accessing Android codes for 30 days and if repeated, pay a fine of $1million or more, If it gets too repetitive, the OEM is suspended for 6 months and a fine of $1billion with a "B".

For carriers(esp. Verizon), Observation will last for 8 months, Failure to support devices will result in a hefty $2billion fine.

Or... A Low End Nexus(3 Nexii) and the WNP(USP)

The other idea is, 3 Nexii per year: 1 low, 1 mid, 1 high. LG/ZTE caters to the low, HTC/Meizu caters to the mid, and Samsung/Huawei caters to the high. And Google HAS to control updates EVERYWHERE in the world, even in developing countries. Then born is the Worldwide Nexus Program or WNP or )Use Stock Program, USP) wherein all Android OEMs should use Stock, there will be a Customization Center to sell skins, widgets etc... Branding should also only be on the back, and They will use the soapbar form factor. The OEMs can only customize the back part to "set themselves apart" while maintaining the Google Spirit.

Now, let us go back to my example on the top. You, a person with a budget, will be able to fulfill budget and still get the latest and greatest.

Feel free to voice out concerns on my idea.