Android, on an Apple device? (Apple flavoured Jelly Bean)

So im sitting drinking my coffee in costa and my collegue runs up to me excitedly boasting his new shiny SGSIII (in a musky red)

Now before i continue i should say this guy is PRO Apple, untill now in his eye's there was nothing greater, anytime anyone would mention laptops, desktops music etc, he would instantly brag about his Apple device's

So maybe it 's been all the talk in work about android or all the advertisement Samsung are throwing out there, or even (in my opinion anyway) the sheer abomonation that became iPhone 5 he has turned, which is great i'v shown him everything for simple to do thing's (especially compared to apple) to stock android 4.1.2.

The purpose of this was not to tell you that my opinion of android is high (that's obvious) but to share what made me chuckle, i was already in tears of laughter whilst i watched his fascinated facial expressions over Android naming conventions, but then he said it, something i did't expect, something i find revolting,

"I wish i could just have and Apple Jelly Bean"

Once i got over how yummy an apple Jelly Belly is I started to think why would you want it, so i put to you.

What Apple device would you have run Android and if any why?